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Blue mountains at Katoomba

Solving problems - two cups at a time

groupSome members just drop in for a chat over a cup of tea or coffee. This is perfectly in keeping with the objectives of the Shed to provide a place for men to be in the company of other men. 

In many cases company is all that is needed. Many men suffer from social isolation and this as a contributer to depression. Just being in the company of other people is often enough, but good conversation is a bonus.

There is also good evidence that some men feel more comfortable tallking about their problems with other men. It is not necessarily about getting advice. Often just talking about it is all that is needed to improve the situation.

A good example was a member who was concerned about an upcoming colonoscopy. Three other men around the table had experienced the procedure, and one had schedule of tests every two years due to a hereditary condition. After 15 minutes of 'war stories', the concerned member went away reassured that the tests were routine and that he had nothing to fear.


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