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Blue mountains at Katoomba

Workshop - the working heart of the Shed

workshopThe Katoomba Men's Shed has a well equipped workshop. While the Shed is much more than just a shared workshop space, the workshop provides the focus for many of the Shed activities.

Some of the workshop equipment has been donated. Some of the larger machines came from a joinery that was closing down. Other machines were donated by people who were downsizing, or from deceased estates. Repairs and mainenance are carried out by volunteers from among the membership.

More recently the Shed has commenced an upgrade program and is steadily updating machinery and enhacing the workshop functionality. The members have also constructed some quite complex machines that have further anhanced what is available.


Woodworking facilities include the following: 

  • woodwork2Wide range of hand and power tools2 
  • Large panel saw
  • Compound mitre saw
  • Bandsaw
  • Combination planer thicknesser
  • Chissel mortiser
  • Linisher and disc sander
  • Spindle sander
  • Wooturning lathes
  • Router table
  • Drill press
  • CNC router (constructed by members)
  • Metalworking

Metalworking facilities include:

  • A range of hand and power tools
  • 2 metal-turning lathes
  • Miling machine
  • Bench grinder
  • Electric welders
  • Sheet metal bender (magnabend - constructed by members)


  • An electronics workbench is available, with a range of testing and development facilities.

Tool room

  • The toolroom contains a wide range of electical and hand tools. An alphabetical index is available to help find the tool needed.


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