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Blue mountains at Katoomba

Creating the 'quiet room'

Aim: To increase the area available for quiet activities, such as reading, takling, crafts (such as leatherwork) or painting.

Background: While the workshp is an important part of the Shed, it is not used by all members. Many have a workshop of their own at home, and many are not interested in metalwork or woodwork. The existing meeting room serves as the quiet area, computer room, meeting room and kitchen and eating area. It can get crowded and noisy at times, particularly when the computer club is active.

The Management Committee approved a proposal to convert part of the workshop space into an additional quiet area. Workshop euipment had to be relocated and rationalised. The overall capacity and functionality of the workshop was not greatly affected with the gains being made by reducing duplication and improving the layout.

Diagram showing the reorganised layout of the Shed.

The project was completed over several months, with a series of working bees on Wednesdays.

 New quiet area wall is in place.  Shedders trying out the new area after a working bee on the project.

Computer training

The completed quiet room in use. In this photo Chris is instructing a group of fellow shedders in the finer points of computer programming.