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Katoomba North Public School project

knps2At the request of the Principal and School Counsellor, The Men’s Shed has been providing woodworking classes to a small group of 9 year old boys over several terms since the end of 2017. The classes are for 1hr and 15mins, one day a week.

Photo right: some of the boys with the toolboxes they made.

The program has developed ad-hoc since we’re not teachers, and hopefully the next term may be a bit more structured. The aim is to provide a space for young boys who have trouble concentrating in class and to show application of some of the principles learnt in maths classes. So far the class has been well received by the boys and the school, to the extent that the boys are eager to come to school on woodworking days.

The Principal has suggested that we will be working with differnt ages over time.

The program will consist of something like the following:

  • Basic hammering skills, learning how to hammer nails into a block of wood.
  • Hammering nails into a pre-shaped block of wood in a random manner to represent an echidna.
  • Constructing a small wooden toy out of numerous timber off-cuts,
  • Hammering nails into a pattern and creating string patterns using the nails
  • Making a bird box. The boys will nail and glue pre-cut pieces.
  • Making a tool box out of the same pine panelling. The boys will fabricate from pre-cut pieces.
  • Making a small box with a lid, from the same pine wall panelling
  • Making a bird feeder. Similar process as above.
  • Making a small model.

On some occasions the boys have enjoyed painting their finished work.

Members who would like to help with this or similar projects need to complete a working with children check and satisfy any Education Department procedures.

See more photos of the projects completed below.


Artworks created with wool wrapped around nails.


Bird houses made by the boys.


Keepsake boxes.


Bird feeders.


Echidnas made from wood and nails.




Truck made from wooden blocks.

This project was featured in the August 2018 newsletter

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