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Blue mountains at Katoomba

Counter for Cancer Care Shop

counter 2The Shed was asked to build two new shop counters for the Cancer Care Opportunity Shop in Katoomba.

The two counters were constructed from plywood to precise specifications provided by Cancer Care. Shed member Jim has been the project leader and main worker on the project, with assistance from Uncle Ed and Greg.

The project has had its share of complications. The biggest problem should serve as a good warning to others planning a similar project. The plywood sheets had been stored standing up for some time before the project was started and the sheets were no longer perfectly flat. 

The problem this created for the building team was the fitting of precision joinery when the parts were not perfectly flat. There was a lot of straining, twisting and clamping (with the associated groaning and cursing) to get the joints to fit together and to keep the whole project straight and square.


This project was featured in the Febuary 2018 newsletter

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