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Blue mountains at Katoomba

Christmas stars

starsThe star of the projects in late 2016 was the manufacture of 100 steel stars for the Leura Village Association.

 The stars will be decorated and used for street decoration.

Joe and Kevin have done most of the work, with Joe taking the lead role. Joe was in his element devising and constructing a special jig for the bending of the steel into the star shape.

While many of the stars are made from a single piece of steel, some have to be fabricated from offcuts to reduce wastage.

At the time of writing, one more welding session was needed to complete the final batch. The clients have already taken delivery of the first 40 stars and are reportedly delighted with the results.

The star-making project is one of the larger ad-hoc jobs undertaken by the workshop team. Together these projects make a worthwhile contribution to the Shed finances and the resulting funds go towards new equipment.

This project was featured in the August 2016 newsletter.

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