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Blue mountains at Katoomba

Historic restorations

stoveShed member John has been doing some restoration work for the Tarella Cottage Museum.

The Historical Society have found a small fuel stove and John has been tasked with disassembling, cleaning and then reassembling the stove (see photo right), which will then be installed in the old kitchen at the cottage. John is aiming for the stove to be in working order, and the society hopes to light it up for some of their open days.

John’s second restoration project is to restore an old hand water pump. When finished, the pump will go on display outside the cottage. The pump is being restored to working order and John hopes to set it up with a wooden trough, with the water being recirculated through the pump. This will allow people to experience for themselves what it was like to pump water by hand.


This project featured in the May 2016 newsletter.

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