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Blue mountains at Katoomba

Rocking horse rescue

rocking horseA member of the public asked if the Shed could refurbish a rocking horse. The antique rocking horse had all the signs of a well-used and favourite toy, but was in a sad state. 

Shed toymaker Eddie coordinated the project with expert help from, Kevin, Keith and Greg. The horse was stripped back and some major cracks were repaired. The body was repainted and fitted with new harness, mane and tail, all purchased by the owner from a commercial supplier. Some parts of the base were remade from recycled timber, and the horse was reassembled.

The horse was finished in time for Christmas and the result was one very happy family!

The photo right shows the completed rocking horse.

This project was featured in the Shed newsletter in June 2015


rocking horse bruceThis restoration project inspired several members to undertake similar projects. At least two rocking horse restorations have been completed and one member went on to make a new rocking horse from scratch for his grandchildren (pictured right). Sharing ideas, inspiration and skills are a valuable part of the Shed environment.

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