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Men's health

Many feel that Australian men are not very good at looking after themselves, physically or emotionally. Physically, if they have an ache or pain, their attitude is often that of “I’ll battle through this” or “I’ll wait a while and see if this gets better by itself”. And often this works! Only when the aches or pains or emotions become overpowering do many men make the decision to do something about it and get it checked out by a doctor or other health professional.

Health is complex - we can easily become overwhelmed with information about our health. The Men's Shed movement was established mainly to address men's health and wellbeing  and to a large extent, the Men's Health program is a sumation of everything that we do. However we also have specific Men's Shed initiatives and activities, which tty to provide some key health messages to men in a form that is understandable and achievable.

If you are in need of specific advice or information, talk to your preferred health professional or use some of the links below to seek further information or help.