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Blue mountains at Katoomba


The Katoomba Men’s Shed is a not for profit community organisation affiliated with Australian Men’s Shed Association. It aims to promote the health and well being of men, and provides an opportunity for men to share time together,  swap yarns and work together on community projects.

The Men's Shed movement began in Australia in the 1990s. There were concerns about men's health, but there was little encouragement in Australian culture for men to meet and talk over their issues. However, men were comfortable with the concept of the backyard shed, where many would go on a regular basis to potter about and work on projects. So the concept was born of a community-based shed as a place where men could go to meet other men, socilise and work on projects.

Proposal to amend the Shed constitution

Following changes made to the Associations Incorporation Act 2009, the Shed will have to amend its constitution. The changes made by the NSW Government last year (2016), introduce 3 new requirements for the constitution of an incorporated association. In making these required changes, the Management Committee has identified a number of other parts of the constitution that could be improved.

  • The proposed changes, together with a full explanation of the reasons, are available from this website or in hard copy at the Shed. Comments can be made before the next Management Committee meeting on 14 June 2017.  
  • A final version of the amended constutution will then be made available for viewing and will be put to the membership at a Special General Meeting on Wednesday 12 July 2017 at 1:30 pm. All members will have received a meeting notice, either by email or post.

Members may well ask why this matter is not dealt with at an AGM. The need to adopt the new changes was only identified afer the last AGM, when a member noticed the same process going on in another local organisation. Delaying the changes until the next AGM would incur additional fees for the registration of the changes. NSW Fair Trading are waving fees for changes until September 2017.

Download the documents

Can I make a comment, or request a change to final version?

The Management Committee are required to give members 21 days notice of the motion to adopt the new constitution. This means that there is still an opportunity to make comments about the proposed changes, or to suggest additional changes.

Members are always encouraged to raise concerns or suggestions about the constitution with the Management Committee. Comments and suggestions can be sent to the Secretary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Alternatively, talk to any member of the Management Committee before their next meeting on 14 June. 

Note: There is no intention on the part of the Management Committee to rush through this draft, and if there are serious concerns, the Management Committee would rather delay the vote and incur additional costs than implement a constitution that some members have problems with.